Pilates is an excellent form of mind body exercise that is suitable for people at all life stages.  Pilates is a low impact form of exercise working on strengthening the ‘core’ muscles that help support the spine,  It is a great form of exercise suitable for all ages and can be adapted for many health conditions such as osteoporosis, post hip replacement, post-natal and hypermobility.  


Pilates exercises promote strength, flexibility, balance and joint mobility. Exercises are adapted from beginner level right through to advanced level.  Matwork Pilates exercises take place on a mat but can be adapted to different positions such as standing, sitting and lying.  As it is low impact it is beneficial for those with pelvic floor issues. Many people find that the mindfulness and relaxation elements improve their overall wellbeing.




Mat classes are the most popular and accessible form of Pilates. Classes are kept to a maximum of 12 clients. This means that you get closer attention and guidance to help maximise your Pilates practice. Often the exercises will include a variety of small apparatus such as the magic circle, resistance bands and small balls. All equipment is provided for but you are welcome to bring your own mat if you prefer.

 A class will start off with a warm up in an upright position, incorporating exercises such as squats and lunges. The second part of the class will involve lying or sitting exercises on the mat.  Towards the end of the class there will be a period of relaxation and mindfulness.

All clients are asked to complete an initial health screening form either via an email link once you are booked on to the class or in person prior to the class. 

Class Types 

Beginner/ Mixed:  These classes are designed for both beginners and more experienced clients. The class will consist of a mixture of exercises that can be adapted for different levels of ability. 

Intermediate/ Advanced: These classes are predominantly focused at the 'sporting' or active client who ideally has done some Pilates before. They will include a range of more challenging exercises, particularly improving your hip/pelvic control and strength. They are not suitable for beginners or clients with a current injury. 

Post Natal: These classes are for the post natal client. You are welcome to bring along your baby but there will be no formal childcare. To allow for more individualised attention they will have a maximum of 8 clients. They are suitable for all mums whether you have had a c-section or vaginal birth. However you will need to be 12 weeks post c-section and 6 weeks post vaginal birth, providing your GP is happy for you to return to exercise. If you would like a Mummy MOT before hand, you will receive a 10% discount for your first month of Pilates. 

1:1 Pilates Sessions 

If you are completely new to Pilates and not feeling confident, you can book into a 1:1 prior to joining a class. The 1:1 will cost £45 but your first Pilates class will be free.  

You may prefer to book into regular 1:1 Pilates sessions which will include an in-depth Physiotherapy and Pilates assessment to find out your current ability/ assess muscle control and strength, and to formulate your goals.  All 1:1 Pilates sessions are 45 minutes. If you book 5, you will receive your 6th session completely free. 

Very occasionally a 1:1 may be recommended prior to joining a class but this will be discussed with you following receipt of your health form. 

Classes are booked in blocks to reflect the school term. If you can't make a live class, you will be sent a recording that you can do at home in your own time. Payment to be received by 1st of each month. 

Woman Practising Pilates




£45            45 MINUTE 1:1

Individual Pilates tailored to you and with you at The Health Barn, Askham 

Stability Ball and Stretching Band