Post natal recovery takes longer than most women give it credit. Pregnancy itself is essentially a marathon in which the expectant mum undergoes a whole host of changes. Understandably there is a lot of emphasis on childbirth, but less information on what happens afterwards. Whether a woman has birthed her baby(ies) vaginally or abdominally, she has gone through an enormous feat. Unfortunately after birth, mums can often feel like they are at the bottom of the self-care/ priority pile as they expend all their time, energy, emotions and effort on looking after their baby and family. 

  • Do you need some TIME OUT?

  • Are you feeling tense in your back and shoulders?

  • Does your tummy feel tender?

  • Have you got a caesarean scar or other abdominal scars?

  • Do you need some RELAXATION?

  • Do you need some SELF-CARE?

Each massage is tailored to the mum's needs, taking into account her birth history and current health. The common areas targeted will be abdomen, shoulders and back. If there are abdominal scars this may be an area of focus. 

In addition to my physiotherapy skills, I also hold a massage therapy level 3 qualification. Here's to an hour of feeling nourished, pampered and rejuvenated.